You can Rely on Us

The name «TKANH» is of Khaliji origin, it signifies roots of dependence, reliability.
It serves as our motto, our mission and title.
We aim to be the number one choice for our clients in implementing successful
media and advertising projects.
We aim to be their number one partner in which they can rely on.


Script ..
It is the secret
Of a perfect film


Creativity ..
It is the essence of
an inspiring advertisement


Dexterity ..
It is the ingredient
Of capturing a magical moment


Precision ..
It is the cog
Of successful events


TKANH Event Showreel

بعض أعمالنا

TKANH Production Showreel

بعض أعمالنا


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

TKANH ... Initiative and commitment

Based on our firm belief that effective participation in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs is important because it has a great impact on the development of society, its members, and the preservation of its achievements, and to achieve the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which is expressed in a vibrant society, a prosperous economy and an ambitious nation, we have been committed since the inception of TKANA to always work to implement all initiatives that serve the different segments of society, develop their skills and equip them with knowledge and qualifications to effectively contribute to the service of the country.

Through various initiatives:

Maakom [With you] initiative

To serve the non-profit (third) sector, we in TKANH offer the Maakom initiative to help support the sector in the areas of media, skills development and creativity to increase the efficiency of this important sector for the benefit of society.

Shabab Al-Aamal [Young Entrepreneurs] Initiative

There are many promising opportunities for ambitious young entrepreneurs in the Kingdom. We at TKANH have the responsibility to provide them with the most vital information necessary for the success of their promising experiences in the field of media projects.

Darrebni [Train Me] initiative

For the graduates of media colleges and faculties to give them the opportunity of practical training under the supervision of TKANH experts, and through its modern facilities with full commitment to develop these initiatives year after year to meet the great ambitions of this country.

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